We chew and swallow many hundreds of times per day and use our jaw for more than just eating and drinking. We also use our jaw muscles when we speak or laugh. As long as we do not suffer any discomfort, all of this happens almost subconsciously. But when problems or pain arise it becomes obvious just how important the muscles around the mouth really are for our daily lives.

These symptoms do not necessarily have to be physical. At Medi-Kuss we understand how burdensome a malalignment of the jaw can be, how unpleasant smiling can feel in the case of tooth malalignments or how aesthetically important the chin can be for our perception of beauty. We wish to offer our patients more than simply the possibility of going about their daily lives without symptoms. We also strive to help them achieve personal happiness and make looking in the mirror a pleasant experience again.

Jaw surgery in Hamburg: An overview of our services

Bone grafting in the upper and lower jaw

Botulinum toxin therapy (Botox therapy) for troubles with the mandibular joints

Further interventions in this field

We also offer our patients surgical treatment for diseases, injuries, fractures, tumours and malformations of the jawbone and sinuses. Do not hesitate to contact us in confidence. We look forward to hearing from you.