Achieve the dream result in your sleep with Medi-Kuss thanks to sedation

Our face gives us our external appearance. It makes it possible for us to express feelings – to laugh, to cry – and we consider it, not unjustly, the gateway to the soul. Countless nerves and muscles are active on a daily basis to express every one of our emotions. These highly complex structures and nerve tracts contribute to making the human face, mouth and jaw area one of the most sensitive regions of the body.

At Medi-Kuss in Hamburg we aim to make your stay at our practice as pleasant as possible This is why our specially trained staff will always be at your side to answer any questions or soothe any fears you may have. In order to provide a comfortable, painless treatment, our trained specialised staff offer various types of anaesthesia: be it local anaesthesia that only numbs the affected area for the duration of the procedure or peaceful sleep by means of a sparing general anaesthesia, we will find the optimal treatment strategy for you.

MKG-Chirurgie Hamburg | Medi-Kuss Team für Sedierung und Narkose

We also provide our patients with the possibility to undergo sedation. During this so-called twilight sleep – also known as analgosedation – we induce an enjoyable state of twilight sleep by means of light anaesthesia. This allows the time you spend at our practice to fly by helping you to relax throughout the treatment without any fear.

Our range of services

Besides comprehensive health counselling and disease prevention, our range of services covers first and foremost early diagnosis. During the consequent treatment, it is our aim to work as gently as possible and to address your concerns with the smallest possible interventions. As specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery we make both professional operative and non-operative treatment available to you. You can continue to rely on our team after the treatment: our competent staff is committed to providing the best possible follow-up care and rehabilitation. All so that you can soon be able to shape your life as you please.

For our team a reliable diagnosis marks the starting point towards any optimal result. In order to provide you with the dream result, it is important to uncover a detailed overview of existing problems. We implement a number of radiological procedures as part of diagnostics. Using modern technology, we make targeted images of your teeth (dental x-ray) or establish an overall picture of your jaw and maxillary sinuses. We carry out an exact analysis of the bony structure of your face by means of modern x-ray techniques (panoramic radiograph or lateral cephalogram) and with the help of a cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) we conclude our diagnosis and prepare the best possible treatment.

An overview of our services:

Health counselling and disease prevention of the mouth, jaw and face areas. Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care in case of

  • diseases
  • injuries
  • fractures
  • tumours
  • modifications to shape and function of the mouth, jaw and face.


If you suffer from a disease of the mouth such as periodontal disease or if you require an implant, what you need the most is professional and comprehensive counselling. Get to know our many services in the field of oral surgery and do not hesitate to contact us about your individual concerns.


Do you have trouble when you chew or do you suffer from a tooth or jaw malalignment? Our team understands that it is often not just the physical pain that causes you discomfort. Our many services in the field of jaw surgery help you look into the future without any pain or worries.


In Medi-Kuss you will find a trusted partner for facial surgery in Hamburg. Besides botox treatment and wrinkle corrections, we are also the right partner for therapy for diseases of the head region.