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Individual consultations, state-of-the-art diagnostic methods and professional treatment arranged according to your specific wishes and needs. Our team of doctors do not just help you achieve a symptom-free daily life but also support you in getting one step closer to your personal ideal of beauty.

The foundation of a successful therapy lies in our confidential, personal relationship with every single one of our patients. We uncover your concerns, problems and wishes in the context of an individual consultation and work together to find the optimal treatment strategy for you.

Language barriers should no longer cause any problems, particularly in our sensitive field. Our international team does not only provide private consultations in German. We can also advise you in English, Russian, Arabic, Albanian and Polish.

Dental emergency service in Hamburg: 
Apart from our comprehensive range of services, we also offer you emergency dental treatments in the event of acute pain or emergencies. Our dental emergency service is available to you during our opening hours.

We are redecorating.

We are sprucing up our practice to give you an all-round feeling of comfort. Of course, we will remain at your services throughout the redecoration works.

We give you back your smile – our range of services

Every person is unique. It is our priority therefore to advise each patient individually so that we are able to select the best possible treatment together. Get to know our extensive range of services.



Do you need a dental prosthesis and are you interested in going for an aesthetic implant? Or are you suffering from acute symptoms due to oral inflammation or periodontal disease? We would be happy to help.



Jaw and tooth malalignments don’t just cause physical problems. They also affect us psychologically. We help you find a path to a symptom-free future.



Allow yourself to feel comfortable in your own skin at last. From small aesthetic facial corrections all the way to Botox treatments: we fulfil your individual wishes.

Oral and maxillofacial surgery – Our field of expertise

The medical field of oral and maxillofacial surgery deals with health counselling and disease prevention in and around the mouth, jaw and face regions. At its heart are the diagnosis and consequent non-operative and operative treatment of diseases. Follow-up care and rehabilitation following disease and injuries, as well as fractures, tumours or malformations also fall into this branch of medicine.

The field does not just cover the dental and maxillary areas and the whole oral cavity. The soft outer tissues of the head, face and neck, as well as the relevant lymphatic systems are also included within our specialist field.

Are you wondering whether we are the right partner for you? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to advise you in person.

Your dream outcome without any fear

The days in which heading to the dentist went hand in hand with an uneasy feeling are finally over. After taking your wishes into consideration, we strive to make the treatment as pleasant as possible, whether you opt for local anaesthesia, pleasant sedation or precautionary general anaesthesia. This way your stay in our practice will fly by.

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“Knowledge is good, experience makes it better, belief and trust perfect it.”

dr. med. dr. med. dent. hans krehn


dr. med. dr. med. dent.
hans krehn